Remove virus (Removal Instructions) is a tracking website that allows its authors to monitor your interestes, gather search terms, search volume and other information that could be valuable for ad networks.
Whenever you do a Google search,if your computer is infected with this adware program,it will first go to a page and only after submiting to the site owner your search terms,will load the Google page.Most of the users aren’t aware of the redirect because the website loads very fast, and then redirects the user to the Google coresponding page.

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Remove EXP/JS.Expack.DX and EXP.JS.Expack.EB (Uninstall guide)

EXP/JS.Expack is script contained within an exploit pack known as the “Cool Exploit Kit” and once it’s executed , it will install arbitrary malware on your computer.
Your computer has been infected with EXP/JS.Expack, after you have visited a malicious or compromised webpage containing this malicious script, which tries to install malware on your computer based on what programs you have installed.
If you have old versions of Java, Adobe Flash, or Adobe Reader installed on your computer,EXP/JS.Expack will deploy a script which will exploit known vulnerabilites in these software to install malware on it.
Exploit JS/Cooexp.A is the herusitic detection from Microsoft Security Essentials, however other vendors have tagged this malicous script as:
If you received a pop-up warning for EXP/JS.Expack while you were surfing a website, chances are that the threat was blocked and there’s nothing to remove, however if you suspect that a malicious file has been downloaded to your computer, we strongly recommend taht you perform the following removal guide.

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